The experience of being member of the El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra

Azim is a young musician from Afghanistan, he plays violin and he is a proud member of the El SIstema Greece Youth Orchestra since 2017.

‘‘I heard about El Sistema Greece from friends. Until then I only had a small experience with guitar. I started with violin classes and soon I joined El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra. As a member of this orchestra, I am very happy. It ‘s a multinational orchestra and it gives me the opportunity to get to know other cultures and different people from various backgrounds. This means a lot to me.

I would recommend ESGYO to all young musicians for several reasons. They will have the chance to meet with great students and teachers from all over the word and different cultures and probably they will learn foreign languages -well, at least a few words. Meanwhile they will make great music and the will enjoy giving big concerts in famous venues, like real artists!

One of the best experiences I have had so far with ESGYO was the concert we gave in 2017 at Herodion, the ancient theater of Athens. It was the first time I participated in such a big concert with more than 250 musicians from all over the world. I was representing El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra. That night was the best night of my life and I am sure that I will never forget it.’’